Final Project

Option 1 - A multi-page website

Students will

  1. select a topic subject to teacher approval
  2. write an an outline or organization chart of the website
  3. collect images and text and include references to sources
  4. create and use a template file which includes a navigation section, header section, body, sidebar and footer sections
  5. use a css file to define layout and styling for headings, paragraphs, images, etc.
  6. use a css file to define a menu from an unordered list
  7. give a visual and oral presentation when the web site is completed

Option 2 - A Flash based game

Students will

  1. draw a storyboard and write a description of the concept of their game including rules for point scoring
  2. use movie clips
  3. make use of the collision detection and scoring scripts from the tutorial website
  4. investigate and make use of additional Flash scripting with the help of books, online resources, and the teacher
  5. give a visual and oral presentation when the game is completed